Monday, 25 November 2013

Small Talk Tea Room Review

Surely there is no one who likes the living hell of Christmas Shopping? When we finished our session in Chelmsford town center we escaped from the chav shopping zombies to the Small Talk Tea Room just off the high street. This I am hoping is the first in a series of reviews of Tea Rooms in Essex.

The Small Talk Tearoom is situated near by to a Weatherspoons and a Yates, which is one of the areas in Chelmsford where the less desirable's blow chunks (be sick) in the evenings. It's certainly in a place you wouldn't expect but provides a welcome bit of Ye Olde Britishness to a modern utopia. Oh get me, I've been in a tea shop and now I'm writing like Charles Dickens!

I must say the tea was exemplary and in the quaint English surroundings I felt compelled to stick my little pinkie out. The food was tip top too, I went for a Sausage Toasted Sandwich followed by a Caramel Fudge Cake. Eva picked out a Toasted Cheese and Tomato Sandwich followed by a Chocolate Fudge Cake. I ate the food so fast there was no time to take a pic....

You could of easily imagined yourself being in the countryside if it wasn't for the view of Argos outside the window, and for some reason a man zooming past in a complete panic with a trolley full of milk. I'm really not sure what sort of emergency would need so much milk to resolve, a giant human eating cat on the loose perhaps? The guess who turned up walking past... Our mate Kevin Willis I used to work with armed with Skiing equipment who invited himself in, just like in the summer when he invited himself to my summer bbq which just happened to have some Bulgarian beauties in attendance. Nice one Kev.

The bill came to £17 something, Its the first tea shop I've been to but I am pretty sure that could be a bit on the expensive side. They done very well on the food, interior and location, we will see where they stand if I get my wish of visiting some more shops, anyway must dash!! Tally Ho.

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