Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tiptree Jam Tea Room and Factory

Another tea room review and this time one inside a jam factory, not just any old jam factory but one that has the honor of putting the Queens standard on its jar. First off would you not expect its tea room to have many jam based offerings on its menu? well no there wasn't. A couple of scones or something were on offer but not to promote their own jam. I don't want them to take it to far and do Tiptree Jam and Chips but I would expect a Tiptree Jam Victoria Sponge, they really are missing a trick. Anyway it was a bit loud in there, bit expensive again and I got very confused with what the difference was between a lemon drizzle cake and lemon tangy, which I meant I ended up with a slither rather than a wedge. Still nice though and the museum made it a bit interesting....

mixing up da jam old skool

There was loads of old machinery and some stuff about the Queen coming to visit, plus a film about the history of the place. From which we created a new game called Polish Or Bulgarian Fruit Picker? Where you have to guess if the fruit picker on the film is Bulgarian or Polish. The game does exactly what it says on the tin, or in this case jar. 

Luckily on the way home we didn't get caught in a ......

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