Thursday, 15 October 2015

Learning Bulgarian

I'm one of those people who every few weeks thinks of a new idea for something to learn or a new project to start on. There has been an idea for an advanced version of battleships and restoring old bikes. Another one has been learning Bulgarian although instead of letting this project being superseded by the next one and going unfinished, I stop and start it this one in-between stopping and starting others.

As ucha Bulgarski / I am learning Bulgarian

So far I must know over 100 words but still can't have a conversation with somebody, it might be because I like learning random ones. But then it is according to some websites in the group of second hardest languages to learn for English speakers. It does not help that they use a completely different alphabet!

Аз уча български / I am learning Bulgarian

Believe it or not the a B is actually a V the C is actually an S and two letters are unpronounceable on their own! I will keep on trying if I ever need a ball (topka) whilst on an aeroplane (samolet) in the garden (gradina) I should just about be able to get by.

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