Thursday, 5 September 2013

Norfolk Holiday.... Send Someone A Postcard

What happened to sending people a postcard when your on holiday? Texts and mobiles have probably played their part in their demise. I remember my Mum queuing to use the phone on holiday camps when I was a child, oh how things change..

I think its a great thing though, its nice to have one pop through your door and know someone was thinking of you and put the effort into writing one.
Im surprised someone hasn't come up with the idea to make a machine you can plug your digital camera in and make your own whilst your away.

Next time you go away send someone a postcard and tell them what you've been up to, such as..........

Hang on, Wake up Eva my blog isn't that boring!!!!!

Going on a seal trip and taking some nice pics....

 Eva and most people on the boat liked to think they were waving at us to say hello. I think they may have been wanting to wave us off and saying "haven't you lot got anything better to do than watch us lying on a beach". Apparently they stay laying there for three days at a time, it costs me £3.95 to have a swim in town, make the most of you lazy big slugs.

Come on Eva,..... you don't have to play dead to get out of reading this

Going on a Steam Train and seeing old railway stations... Choooo Choooo!!!
Something I've done many times and we talk about in a post all of its own.

Making new friends.........................

Muddle the Dog

Staying at a Bed & Breakfast fit for a king, which was owned by a man who was born in
the same hospital as me.............

If you know me lets swap addresses so we can send holiday postcards!!
 By the way Eva actually loves my blog.

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