Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Black Sea and Nessebar

My third day visiting Eva's home country was a three hour drive to the coast of The Black Sea with her sister, her boyfriend, niece and nephew. No one knows why its called The Black Sea but it could be because to the Greeks it was to the north which on the compass is black.

Packed Car
On the way there we drove past millions of beautiful sunflowers being grown on farms and elegant storks were flying across the road,. up into the mountains we went and lovely young ladies waving at us driving past. Whys that? are they just being nice? Why are they in the lay-bys all the way out here? Gypsy prostitutes apparently.

First stop was a secluded beach where we did some kite flying, which is one of my favourite things to do. This kite was one we brought for Zarko as a present.

I haven't swam for 16 years but decided to join in swimming in The Black Sea not a bad place to start again, and I want to carry on now I am back in England. I cant imagine Riverside Ice and Leisure matching the setting though. If you type Daniel Craig in swimming trunks it seems to keep confusing my picture below with scenes from James Bond, sorry Daniel.

In the evening we went to a town call Nessebar which was an old port with interesting buildings and lots of tourist shop, where we took some nice pics.....

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