Saturday, 20 July 2013

Busy, fast and excellent two and a half weeks.........

Ive just had the busiest, fastest and most excellent two and a half weeks with my Bulgarian girlfriend Eva. 

This is Eva and I in an Asda Supermarket in England at the end of our holiday, were doing her shopping before she goes back to her job as a live-in carer.

This is where the two and a half weeks began, on my first aeroplane trip destination ... Bulgaria!!!

I was scared before getting on the plane, how can you not be knowing sometimes when a plane crashes it can glide for 10 minutes before hitting the ground and exploding!!!!! Luckily it didn't crash but did go right  and left up and down alot before we landed in Plodiv, where I got hit in the forehead by a giant flying beetle.

We got picked up by Eva's friend Molly and taken to her flat where we were to stay for four days. I've been to France so on the way to Molly's flat my eyes were mesmerised by how different everything was.. upside down letters, communist cars and buildings. Awesome, and felt so far from home. I kept wondering if my passport was in my suitcase in the boot of the car, what if I got lost? what if I lost my passport? I would be stuck and I dont know how to read anymore!!!!!

This is the Stara Zagora the town I woke up to and is from where I will continue the story on my next post.

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