Sunday, 22 November 2015

Prague, 2015 Blog Catch-Up

The 2015 Blog catch-up continues in Prague the capital of the Czech Republic visited in May. What a city it is!! It feels very historic walking in the busy pebbled streets with trams going backwards and forwards among the old buildings. To much to see and do in 3 days, could of done with more time and right up there with Hamburg during Christmas as my favorite place visited. Here are the first 5 things I remember that first come into my mind.

1. Boat trip on the Vlata River

Somehow we found ourselves on a little boat with just 3 other people instead of one of the big bus boats, and it took a detour down a canal.

2.  John Lennon Wall

Since the 1980s it has been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles' songs. Also used by students to protest against communism, every time the communist government painted over it the pictures would come back.

3. Parade on the Charles Bridge

After walking out of a shop we went in to buy postcards and chocolates for home we suddenly became apart of a parade about to cross the Charles Bridge. No idea what it was about but we walked across with them.

4. Model railway restaurant, drinks delivered by train!!

5. Great views from the Petrin Tower in a park above the city which was also next to a mirror maze.


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

In Bruges, 2015 Blog Catch-Up

Hopefully the start of a big catch up for this blog, also hoping there wont be a need for a catch up of the catch up. Must keep going!

All the way back in March we traveled to Bruges in Belgium by train from London, a city made up of cobbled streets, canals and medieval churches and buildings.

It seems a long time ago and at the same time 10 minutes since we went. So I just this second decided to write about the first 5 things that come into my head about the trip.

1. Solar eclipse? What solar eclipse?

Whilst we were there europe including Bruges was due a solar eclipse, I was convinced the day would turn to night. Eva did not believe me but I was sure of it, and after a rushed breakfast to get us outside for the right time this happened.....

What can only be described as dull at best.

2. The toughest Geocache ever (Geocaching needs explaining in a whole post of its own) which needed a phone call to the owner to complete. The cache was in the red compartment on the back of this bike in the town square and you had to match up genuine Bruges pictures on an information sheet with some numbers which made up the combination for the lock, very tough and to hard to explain.

3. The canal trip which has to be done, make friends with the sailor so you can shout and wave to him for the rest of your stay  every time he sails past.

4. This man....

His name is Luc Vanlaere a multi-instumentalist who gives free concerts almost every day in a little arts center and his music is just incredible, had to buy one of his CD's which had one real heart breaker on it.

5. The Bell Tower. Big climb up the stairs and DONnnnngggg!!! DONnnnnggg!!! wow it was loud, and a great view.

This post needs one more thing a picture of Eva....

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Bizarre Bulgarian Mayoral Candidates

It's time for Bulgarians to vote in the mayoral elections and some bizarre campaign posters are being shared on Facebook and here are some of my favourites.

Haircut Number 1, how is this possible?

Kung Fu Mayor

Che Guevara

If you want a man to protect your town from a monster Octopus this is your guy

Haircut Number 2

Pet chasa na vartelejkata

Vote for me or else!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Learning Bulgarian

I'm one of those people who every few weeks thinks of a new idea for something to learn or a new project to start on. There has been an idea for an advanced version of battleships and restoring old bikes. Another one has been learning Bulgarian although instead of letting this project being superseded by the next one and going unfinished, I stop and start it this one in-between stopping and starting others.

As ucha Bulgarski / I am learning Bulgarian

So far I must know over 100 words but still can't have a conversation with somebody, it might be because I like learning random ones. But then it is according to some websites in the group of second hardest languages to learn for English speakers. It does not help that they use a completely different alphabet!

Аз уча български / I am learning Bulgarian

Believe it or not the a B is actually a V the C is actually an S and two letters are unpronounceable on their own! I will keep on trying if I ever need a ball (topka) whilst on an aeroplane (samolet) in the garden (gradina) I should just about be able to get by.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Hamburg at Christmas

The best city in the world for a three day break...New York? Rio de Janeiro? Budapest? Sydney? I haven't been to any of them but I am still sure they can't match Hamburg (at Christmas). The Christmas markets are not just what makes it the best but they help.

These markets are full with great food and drink..... mmmmmmm drinking German Glühwein (mulled wine) from a mug is a good memory.

They also had the best mushrooms in the world smothered in garlic sauce, great chips and sausage which would put any other known sausage in the universe to shame. All sold from wooden huts alongside Christmas goods and eaten by tourists and locals taking shelter from the cold in cosy wooden walled corners with tables.

This also the City where The Beatles honed their skills, so they along with Liverpool gave us the greatest band ever known. The picture above was taken outside the Kaiserkellar which was one of the clubs they played in before returning to England.

If you like football then go and see Hamburg play, it cost us just £17.00 a ticket through their website before we left for Germany. For the equivalent match it would of cost to see Arsenal in London it would of cost £60.00. Fantastic supporters too, even though they were losing they were still behind their team, unheard of at an English Premier League ground from my experience. Plus no one swore in my face for no reason and told me I was ugly whilst walking down the street outside the stadium like a Newcastle supporter once did to me.

And My favorite place was the Miniature Wonderland which is the worlds largest model railway, a spectacular display over two floors of a former warehouse.

It even had an airport with planes taking off and landing.

A port with working ships

And every 15 minutes the place had a its own night time.

There is also views to be seen from the top of St Michaels Church...I haven't even gone on to talk about the warehouse district, Elb tunnel, boat trips and the excellent public transport....

The people pf Hamburg who brilliantly call themselves "Hamburgers" are great, helping you when you are lost before you even ask. Who needs a woman holding a golden torch when you have a huge great spaceship thing towering over the city, would definitely go again.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Kъсмети / Fortunes in English

Need some lucky fortunes for your New Year Bulgarian Banitsa and like us can't find any in English? Well here are some we come up with ourselves (find out what a Banitsa is at the bottom of the page)......

This is a Banitsa, a traditional Bulgarian pastry and feta cheese quiche type of food. When its eaten at new year every time you take a piece you get a rolled up paper with a Kъсмети / Fortune for the year ahead

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Freddie Mercury isn't dead dead, he is sunning it up in Majorca !!

A bit late publishing this, I thought some national papers might be interested in my story but had no luck.There are big stars we thought were dead or given up living and performing in Majorca.

Who would of thought it Freddie Mercury is alive and well in Majorca, I nearly spat out a mouthful of cocktail when he ran onto the stage at our hotel. The sun is treating him well to, he is moving and performing just like the old days, and his performance by my judgment was even better than Live Aid. I know the photo below isn't that great but I assure you it was him, it said Freddie Mercury on the poster!

Then the next day I nearly drove my four wheel hire bike into a lake when I saw this outside a restaurant:

That's right the King of Pop! It couldn't of been could it? I never found out for sure, I had already bought a ticket for the hotel bingo so couldn't make it.

It gets better as the week goes on, the two girls out of ABBA anyone? And I did take the time to see them and they looked like the real deal to me. If it wasn't wouldn't you get a couple of blokes in?


Last but not least The Beatles!!!!!! except it wasn't, they were Los Beatles, just a Spanish tribute act obviously.