Thursday, 15 January 2015

Freddie Mercury isn't dead dead, he is sunning it up in Majorca !!

A bit late publishing this, I thought some national papers might be interested in my story but had no luck.There are big stars we thought were dead or given up living and performing in Majorca.

Who would of thought it Freddie Mercury is alive and well in Majorca, I nearly spat out a mouthful of cocktail when he ran onto the stage at our hotel. The sun is treating him well to, he is moving and performing just like the old days, and his performance by my judgment was even better than Live Aid. I know the photo below isn't that great but I assure you it was him, it said Freddie Mercury on the poster!

Then the next day I nearly drove my four wheel hire bike into a lake when I saw this outside a restaurant:

That's right the King of Pop! It couldn't of been could it? I never found out for sure, I had already bought a ticket for the hotel bingo so couldn't make it.

It gets better as the week goes on, the two girls out of ABBA anyone? And I did take the time to see them and they looked like the real deal to me. If it wasn't wouldn't you get a couple of blokes in?


Last but not least The Beatles!!!!!! except it wasn't, they were Los Beatles, just a Spanish tribute act obviously.

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