Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Hamburg at Christmas

The best city in the world for a three day break...New York? Rio de Janeiro? Budapest? Sydney? I haven't been to any of them but I am still sure they can't match Hamburg (at Christmas). The Christmas markets are not just what makes it the best but they help.

These markets are full with great food and drink..... mmmmmmm drinking German Gl├╝hwein (mulled wine) from a mug is a good memory.

They also had the best mushrooms in the world smothered in garlic sauce, great chips and sausage which would put any other known sausage in the universe to shame. All sold from wooden huts alongside Christmas goods and eaten by tourists and locals taking shelter from the cold in cosy wooden walled corners with tables.

This also the City where The Beatles honed their skills, so they along with Liverpool gave us the greatest band ever known. The picture above was taken outside the Kaiserkellar which was one of the clubs they played in before returning to England.

If you like football then go and see Hamburg play, it cost us just £17.00 a ticket through their website before we left for Germany. For the equivalent match it would of cost to see Arsenal in London it would of cost £60.00. Fantastic supporters too, even though they were losing they were still behind their team, unheard of at an English Premier League ground from my experience. Plus no one swore in my face for no reason and told me I was ugly whilst walking down the street outside the stadium like a Newcastle supporter once did to me.

And My favorite place was the Miniature Wonderland which is the worlds largest model railway, a spectacular display over two floors of a former warehouse.

It even had an airport with planes taking off and landing.

A port with working ships

And every 15 minutes the place had a its own night time.

There is also views to be seen from the top of St Michaels Church...I haven't even gone on to talk about the warehouse district, Elb tunnel, boat trips and the excellent public transport....

The people pf Hamburg who brilliantly call themselves "Hamburgers" are great, helping you when you are lost before you even ask. Who needs a woman holding a golden torch when you have a huge great spaceship thing towering over the city, would definitely go again.

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