Sunday, 28 July 2013

Bulgarian line dancing and hot coals

We woke up in Sunny Beach to begin our last full day , which is a bit like the Southend of Bulgaria. It was nice to feel at home for a few hours on a late night stroll watching some fine English ambassadors getting drunk and swearing. Bulgarian people don't let this spread across your country keep them contained there like monkeys in a zoo.

I found out Bulgarians insult people by saying "you drive like an Albanian" well Albanian roads must constantly be like Mad Max. I saw some interesting driving on our three hour journey back to Stara Zagora, with some overtakes where people missed each other by the width of a hair. We stopped for a break and I took a nice photo of the awesome Bulgarian landscape, the yellow in the background is a massive sunflower field.....

The last afternoon was like being in a game show like "Challenge Anneka" only renamed to "Challenge Eva". Minus the helicopter we were flying about the town completing tasks including visiting the doctors, trying to find a missing ID card, getting documents translated and trying to recreate a picture of Eva posing when she was 17.  Just a shame we got the wrong tree, will have to try again.

This made us slightly late for an evening spent with Eva's friends at a traditional Bulgarian restaurant in the hills. This is where we got to walk across some hot coals, in our shoes unlike the bare foot crazy old lady.

The night was finished off joining in with what I can only describe as Bulgarian Line dancing. Everyone holding hands, four steps right, four steps left, little jump and a kick. Eva's friends said I was good and got the hang of it quick, I wasn't the best so these comments summed up their great Bulgarian social spirit.

I was super tired the next day when we rushed to the airport with Eva's Mum and Niece so we could bring them back for a little holiday....................

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