Monday, 22 July 2013

Stara Zagora : That's not a Cheeseburger !

The aim of my first full day in Bulgaria was to explore Stara Zagora which is Eva's home town 
and to meet her family.

The view from Molly's flat.

It started with a breakfast food called banitsa which is like a really thick croissant with cheese in it, and when I say thick I mean like the earth's crust thick. It was nice but I didn't like the two drinks it came with which seemed to be a liquified weetabix and salty milk. I know I the only other country's I've been to are France and Birmingham but I think I can safely say Bulgaria are somewhere near the bottom of the breakfast drink league table.

I wanted to get out there after breakfast and experience the country so I did what any tourist would do and went for a haircut. Eva wanted to go to her "local" salon so that's what we did. Best haircut ever with the barber telling me exactly where his English counterparts were going wrong. The answer to my hair shooting off in different directions all my life was in Eastern Europe!!

This is also where Eva's sister Stella, her boyfriend Peter, niece Ina and nephew Zarko who were all smiley and happy people. Look at Peter he is massive would of made a great WWE wrestler.....Ladies and Gentleman making his way to the ring and weighing in at 400lb ts Peter the destructoooor !! He was a big friendy giant though not a baddie. Bulgarians are real social animals, chatting in the park and playing chess like in the movies If they didn't talk so much and being as big as Peter they could have at some point in history taken over the world.

Peter and Stella

They took me for a lunch and I asked for a cheeseburger, accept what I got wasn't a cheeseburger... there was no burger in it. Cheese but no meat, instead chips. I thought "burger was the meat part of a ham or cheese burger???

For those who might of come here looking to learn about Bulgarian town life and not debate what a burger is here's some pics of a church and stuff...........I met Evas mum and friends, more to come about them in the story of my trip to Bulgaria amongst other subjects.

Stara Zagora High Street:


Communist Block:


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