Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Story....Isle of Wight Ghostly Hand

I love asking people if they have ever witnessed something to do with hauntings especially at Halloween, and I was really surprised once to ask my mum and dad once if they had and to my surprise they said yes!! It happened to them back before I was born. They once told me about a holiday they had on the Isle of Wight which was cut short by some possibly ghostly goings on in the chalet they stayed in. My Mum felt uneasy after the first night staying there, on more than one occasion she thought my Dad was standing behind her only to turn around and find no one there. 

Then things got worse and she felt touches on her shoulder, again turning around with no one to be seen. She told my Dad what had happened worried he would think she is silly, but guess what? The same thing had happened to him!! They decided to ask if they could swap chalets and when asked why the receptionist gave a knowing look when my Mum said they just didn't feel comfortable. As it's Halloween tomorrow ask people you know if they have a ghostly story to tell you, you might be surprised.

One more Halloween thing.........This is what I came home to tonight!

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