Friday, 18 October 2013

National Bulgarian Parachutist Day !?!

I've been told by Eva today is National Parachutist Day in Bulgaria, yes that's right its a strange one. They seem to have a reason to celebrate everyday, but this one is particularly important because Eva used to be a parachutist in her home town Stara Zagora.

Eva is in the red chequered shirt at the front

So tonight im having a drink for the parachutists of Bulgaria. Then tomorrow its the day of the Bulgarian Doctors so why not have a drink for them too, although they may not approve.


  1. Ha there really is a national day for everything in Bulgaria!! An excuse to drink every day! Wahey

    1. LoL We don't need an excuse Clare :-) but it is better to have a drink when there is something to celebrate, isn't it? The drink slides more easily in the throat. :D