Thursday, 1 August 2013

Once the Musical....Wait don't run away if you don't like musicals

Straying a bit from the 2 and a half weeks story, but will come back to it......           

My friend Phil recently won tickets to a musical which reminded me of the trip me and Eva (Bulgarian Girlfriend) had to the Phoenix Theatre in London to see Once the Musical. It was back in March but thought I must share it with people to help it get the credit it deserves.

Eva is a fan of musicals and suggested we go to one, all the big shows like Mamma Mia were looked at when finding tickets then she stumbled upon a new musical called Once. It was the story of a girl who travelled from Eastern Europe to Ireland and inspired a man to pursue his music talent. I thought that's got a bit of a connection to us so it was the cool find, and what a great choice it turned out to be.

As soon as you entered the theatre with the seats still filling up the cast were already on stage singing and playing their own instruments. They were performing traditional Irish songs on guitars, drums, mandolins and stomping the floor in a pub setting. It was a warm up for the show and there was obvious enjoyment coming out of them for the music. It wasn't about lights, firework, dancing it was about real songs, rather than dialogue being sung.

The show that followed had excellent original songs, again not singing dialogue and was set against a well done story. It was based on a film I haven't seen and will leave alone in case it ruins my perception of the stage show. There was a twist in the end that I wont spoil.

You could even have a drink on stage in the bar at half time, definitely recommend!!!

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